Saturday, June 18, 2011

RIP Big Man

The change was made uptown and the Big Man joined the Band!
Robert took these photos in Tennessee in around 1985, Bruce and Clarence at their finest.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Go Heat!

Here I am with Kim, Adrie, Jamel and Ian at The Robes Patton Memorial Pressroom back in the day!
I found this year's Miami Heat Media Guide and this is what it says on Page 434...

The Robes Patton Memorial Pressroom
The media workroom, named in memory of late HEAT beat writer Robes Patton, is located near the northwest corner of the building. Upon entering the media gate, proceed to the left past the court entrance and the Robes Patton Memorial Pressroom will be on your left. Admission to the workroom is granted with a HEAT game credential or NBA season pass only. There is a working area where media can file stories and will be provided with game information. Team statistics, news releases, media guides, game notes and out-of-town scores are available in the Robes Patton Memorial Pressroom. Wireless internet access is available as well.

Media Dining Room
Adjacent to the Robes Patton Memorial Pressroom on the northwest corner of the building is the Media Dining Room where food and drinks are provided to the media at a cost of $7.00. ALL media members (home, visiting or national) choosing to eat the pre-game meal will be required to pay the nominal fee with $5.00 from each meal being donated to the Robes Patton Memorial Fund. Receipts are available upon request. A hot meal will be served beginning three hours prior to the scheduled start time of the game and will shut down 30 minutes after the listed start time of the game. Snacks will be available beginning at halftime and will continue to be available through the end of the game. A HEAT media credential or NBA season pass is needed to gain access to the Media Dining Room.

In the Heat's first trip to the NBA Finals in 2006, I hopped a flight to Florida and went to Game 4 with Kim and Adrienne. I stayed through Father's Day, and visited Robert's resting place with our Heat souvenirs just before tipoff for Game 5. Go Heat!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book 'Er, Dan-O

Somebody has a BIG birthday today! My hero, Kim Patton!
She recently passed through LAX, so I had to meet her with Tito's Tacos. Happy Birthday, Kimness!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Temple Week

Wednesday I was honored to attend the Los Angeles Temple with my sweet friend Tela. She will soon be known in Chile as Hermana Burnett.
Saturday morning Robyn and I were able to do sealings in the St. George Temple.
And today we were able to do baptisms with 8 Young Single Adults in San Diego, where we took this lovely photo.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

YSAs Honoring Robes

The YSA men wanted to join in the "colored shirt" Sunday and did in September. So today arrives and they came up strong again...
...while our Sisters in Zion wanted to be a part and decided to wear white to offset the brethren in color.
Here is what I saw when I stood to conduct this morning. My dear friends honored my brother, someone they had never met. I spend my Sundays with the kindest collection of young people on the earth.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2

So we were "encouraged" to work one weekend day the next two weekends. I went to work this morning at 6. Getting caught up on all things income taxes, I called one man in Florida to interview him regarding his tax problem. He referred to himself as a "stubborn Swede." One of my favorite subjects. We had a brief chat "pa svenska" and then I asked where he was from. He told me his father came from a small town and it sounded familiar. He said it was near Ostersund and I said I think I have a slide from the train station. Indeed, I do. I will email it to him on Monday.

It was then I realized that 30 years ago today, I opened that letter from President Spencer W. Kimball extending the call to serve in the Sweden Stockholm Mission. Coincidence?